Writing Opinion Essay from Scratch

An opinion essay is a kind of academic paper where you have to express your idea and support it with facts. It sounds similar to other types of writing, but here, you have to prove something of your personal beliefs, not necessarily a matter of academic research.

This can be the issue of ethical, religious or philosophic essence. Also, you can avoid providing the thoughts of others in a deep overview devoting more attention to your own thoughts. You do not have to persuade the readers or show the pluses and minuses of the idea you are discussing, just show what you personally find in it. It is slightly different from the typical academic essay writing, but it has multiple opportunities in terms of developing your creative thinking.

Good opinion essay topics

Before you start writing, you have to study your opinion essay rubric to know what you are supposed to write. You’ll be more aware of the direction you need to take in order to make a good piece of writing. Also, your assignment may have certain suggestions in terms of topics. However, students often have the opportunity to write about personal beliefs, thus, nothing will limit your imagination, but remember that you have to support your statements with legitimizations and proofs, so before you choose a topic, think whether you‘ll be able to back it up with facts. Good opinion essay topics have to be clear and give you space for expressing your thoughts.

Good opinion essay examples

As soon as you write down your topic, you need to create an outline. It is a general plan of your essay parts and the ideas that should be in there. Think of the main questions you have to tell your readers and then add the details. This will allow you to keep it clear. There are plenty of samples of papers on the Internet, and in some cases this type of learning materials can be helpful. However, in many cases it is more productive to write your paper from scratch using the guidelines and the structure you’ve come up with in your outline.

To write an outline, you need to imagine the general concept of your paper and then write down the ideas you have. After you’ve finished, try structuring your ideas in the following sequence: introduction, body paragraphs (you may devote one of them to the alternative points of view), and a conclusion.

To reach the level of top opinion essay examples, you need to move smoothly from one part to the next one using logical transitions. Often one paragraph is devoted to a certain opinion while the last one is all about the opposing point of view. In your conclusion part, you have to restate the opinion you’ve placed in the beginning and sum up the general idea of your writing. This scheme is a classic opinion essay format you might find in almost any sample opinion essay. Give it a try and win that A! Have an engaging writing experience.