How to Write a Successful Critical Review of a Product or a Service

Writing a critical review of a product or a service is not as complicated as it may seem. Just follow these simple guidelines, and you’ll get a high grade for your essay.

  1. Study the product or service very carefully. If it’s a service, become a client. If it’s a software product, become its end user. Only the end user knows the product both inside and outside, and can objectively rate it, like here. However, stay away from being too “personal.” Instead, find out what is the target audience for this product or service, and see whether the product or service manages to do its job and satisfy the target audience.
  2. If you are reviewing a software product, pay attention on whether it has an intuitive and user-friendly interface. See if you can understand how to use the software, or need assistance, such as tutorials or user guides. By the way, availability of a user guide or other documentation should also be checked.
  3. Search the web for the ads of the product or service. The ads can tell a lot about the marketing strategy of a vendor company, and this strategy can also be highlighted in your critical review or essay. Some useful advice on how to analyze the ads can be found here.
  4. Find out what other people say about this product or service, and compare your own impressions with theirs. You can also ask your friends or relatives whether they used this product or service, and what they can say about it. Opinions of “alive human beings” are very important for a critical review.
  5. Research on how the product or service vendor treats its customers. First, see whether they have enough means of communication – not only phone, but also email, feedback form, or even a built-in online chat functionality. Then make a test request to the customer support and see how quickly and politely they answer you.
  6. If possible, compare the product or service with other similar products or services. Draw a diagram or a comparison table. Such visualization will make your essay stand out among the others. It will also increase your chances for a higher grade.