Different levels of training at Alleyn’s School


Primary School

Children of 11 years of age (Grade 7) receive a general education in basic subjects. The program is carefully designed and it provides knowledge in the following areas: literature, 2 languages, scientific disciplines, art and physical education. Mathematics is taught from grade 8.

All elementary school students study art, biology, chemistry, English, French, geography, history, Latin, mathematics, music, physical education, physics, religion and science. At the end of grade 7, students can also choose German or Spanish. At the end of 8th grade may opt out of Latin or German / Spanish and continue their studies if they want it.

The school pays special attention to the study of languages. At the end of grade 9, the students learn at least two languages. GCSE program one of the subjects, as a rule, it is language. Once a week there are classes on improvement of language skills. Classes are also backed up by exchange programs with Versailles, Hamburg, Erlangen and Madrid. Classic trip to Italy and Greece are also popular among students.

The 9 grade students go to high school. They continue to study the same subjects, but in smaller classes for 23 people.


During 9 and 10 grades there is a study of 10 subjects and preparing for GCSE exams. Among the compulsory subjects are: mathematics, English, English Literature, 2-3 object out science. All students are choosing modern language (French / German / Spanish) and history or geography. GCSE program offers the largest possible number of subjects, which further allows students to correctly identify specialization. School students often use proven service “do my homework for me“. School Schedule is structured in such a way that students could choose almost any set of objects. Teachers and supervisors help students and their parents to make a right choice of items.

In addition, students choose 2 more subject among the proposed by school programs: art, ancient civilization, graphic design, durable materials, drama, food technology, French, geography, German, Greek, history, information technology, Latin, music, religion and Spanish. Thus during GCSE the students take 9 or 10 subjects.

In the first year of study on the program A-Level, the students choose 4 subjects. They can continue to study these subjects or focus on 3 priority in the second year. This high school requires a lot of time to work in the library.

About the Author: Lorin Cerab is a writer. She is from Chicago, USA.