Central Michigan University Review

Central Michigan University Review

At CMU, you can take a small course or go for an online degree. It also offers a cohort program where groups of students take a sequence of courses together, moving from one to another. You can also join programs offering a single certificate.

  • Online MBA programs;
  • A Career Solutions Portal to help you decide on the degree;
  • Online Learning Assessment.

CMU put big accent on applicable skills offering degrees in leadership, human resource administration, psychology and political science. It is down to earth in a way but can become a great trampling for careers related to education, management, and community development.

Every student interested in enrolling can also preview an online course to build a clearer picture of how it works. All in all, the official page contains many articles for applicants, however, the info is not always helpful. At the same time, the college offers online guides for beginners and a range of courses in social and economic disciplines.

CMU launched its online BA programs in 2001-2002. According to the US News, tuition fees total as much as USD 370 per credit. Both institutional and state money aid is available at this college.