The Oratory School


The Oratory School

  • Founded in 1859
  • Location England, Oxfordshire town of Henley-on-Thames
  • Age 11-18 years
  • Programs GCSE, A-Level
  • Number of students 430
  • Number of students in hostel 240
  • Type of school School for Boys
  • Accommodation Hostel
  • Ranking 20th in BestSchools 2009 is the best in Britain on the teaching of art and design (GoodSchoolsGuide 2009) and the best private school in the area of ​​sport achievements and physical training (Daily Telegraph 2007).

Oratory School is located in the town of Vudkout, near the town of Henley-on-Thames, just an hour away from central London and a half – from Heathrow Airport. There are trained 420 boys aged 11-18 years. Due to the small number of students in the school has a cozy atmosphere and good-natured.

Training takes place in six well-appointed buildings. Most of the students are at the guesthouse and live directly on the school grounds, the others – come to school from the nearest town. At school, convinced that a busy business child – a happy baby.

Here, we pay great attention to the sport. The Oratory School an excellent sports infrastructure. Students happy to play sports, take part in cricket, rugby, tennis, sports shooting – where they achieved great results.

The school is famous for its high level of academic training programs for GCSE and A-Level. According to a leading national ratings Oratory School is part of the top twenty independent boarding schools in the country (Best Schools 2009), it is a (Good Schools Guide 2009) the best in Britain on the teaching of art and design and the best private school in the area of ​​sport achievements and physical training (Daily Telegraph 2007).

The school operates several creative and educational societies and clubs, it is easy to buy term papers, as the school has a dedicated service for it. After a busy school day teenagers engaged in music, painting, edition of the school newspaper and discuss the pressing issues in the debate club.

Originally founded as a Catholic school Oratory School, and to this day maintains the tradition of adherence to religious rituals. Every night before bedtime students gather for common prayer. Weekday usually ends at 21:30, when the kids go to sleep.

Creativity and leisure

  • rock band jazz
  • painting dance
  • photo art theatrical skills
  • Discussion Club edition of the journal

Many graduates continue their education at prestigious universities in England, Europe and the United States, including Oxford and Cambridge.

About the Author: Charlie Brook is a student. He lives in Texas, USA.

Different levels of training at Alleyn’s School


Primary School

Children of 11 years of age (Grade 7) receive a general education in basic subjects. The program is carefully designed and it provides knowledge in the following areas: literature, 2 languages, scientific disciplines, art and physical education. Mathematics is taught from grade 8.

All elementary school students study art, biology, chemistry, English, French, geography, history, Latin, mathematics, music, physical education, physics, religion and science. At the end of grade 7, students can also choose German or Spanish. At the end of 8th grade may opt out of Latin or German / Spanish and continue their studies if they want it.

The school pays special attention to the study of languages. At the end of grade 9, the students learn at least two languages. GCSE program one of the subjects, as a rule, it is language. Once a week there are classes on improvement of language skills. Classes are also backed up by exchange programs with Versailles, Hamburg, Erlangen and Madrid. Classic trip to Italy and Greece are also popular among students.

The 9 grade students go to high school. They continue to study the same subjects, but in smaller classes for 23 people.


During 9 and 10 grades there is a study of 10 subjects and preparing for GCSE exams. Among the compulsory subjects are: mathematics, English, English Literature, 2-3 object out science. All students are choosing modern language (French / German / Spanish) and history or geography. GCSE program offers the largest possible number of subjects, which further allows students to correctly identify specialization. School students often use proven service “do my homework for me“. School Schedule is structured in such a way that students could choose almost any set of objects. Teachers and supervisors help students and their parents to make a right choice of items.

In addition, students choose 2 more subject among the proposed by school programs: art, ancient civilization, graphic design, durable materials, drama, food technology, French, geography, German, Greek, history, information technology, Latin, music, religion and Spanish. Thus during GCSE the students take 9 or 10 subjects.

In the first year of study on the program A-Level, the students choose 4 subjects. They can continue to study these subjects or focus on 3 priority in the second year. This high school requires a lot of time to work in the library.

About the Author: Lorin Cerab is a writer. She is from Chicago, USA.

Acing Your Exam


  1. Say no to all-nighters and sitting up late. If you deprive yourself of sleep systematically, you won’t be able to concentrate. Eight hours is the right amount of sleep one should get every day without feeling exhausted and feeling like a squeezed lemon. Besides, the inability to focus is the number one cause of low grades.
  2. Do not wake up too early if you feel like you don’t want to. This is especially true with the night owls, who can’t bring themselves to face the horrors of an early rising. If you have to strain yourself to the maximum to get off bed, sleep for another hour or two to regain the balance and feel alive again.
  3. Avoid music being your background. They say there are people who can study effectively even if there is Rammstein yelling in their headphones, but it is a big distractor for the most part. If you can’t live without a good piece and need some background sound, you can choose from classics and jazz.
  4. Find a study group that is preparing for the same exam. You can browse student communities online or search on your campus noticeboards. This is a great way to ace the divide and conquer tactics while making friends and socializing at the same time! Share information and try to explain the most complicated parts to one another in order to memorize them better.
  5. There is something that is worse than a deadline, and that is not being able to make it. There are two ways of fixing the problem. You can either buy assignment online, if you have a writing task going on, or stop procrastinating immediately. Remember that your teacher is going to be furious if you miss the deadline and you are going to work superhard to make amends and get to the A list again, so it’s better you set your priorities.
  6. Instead of dealing with one subject at a time, you should divide your attention between a few related ones, or you will find yourself in a situation when you have to read the same paragraph twice and still not understand a single bit. You can also motivate yourself with a break. Students usually study faster if they know there is something pleasant ahead, like a 10-minute pause.
  7. Sometimes, you can’t stay focused if you are not getting enough sleep. So if you feel the lack of concentration, it’s probably because you’ve been awake for the nearest 24 hours.
  8. Attend classes and engage in conversations. You know that your preparation starts when you are reviewing exam questions. You may even get similar ones so pay attention to what your teacher says and stop screwing around! You can use the notes you made at home to complete your answer in case you can’t stay focused all the time.

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