Acing Your Exam


  1. Say no to all-nighters and sitting up late. If you deprive yourself of sleep systematically, you won’t be able to concentrate. Eight hours is the right amount of sleep one should get every day without feeling exhausted and feeling like a squeezed lemon. Besides, the inability to focus is the number one cause of low grades.
  2. Do not wake up too early if you feel like you don’t want to. This is especially true with the night owls, who can’t bring themselves to face the horrors of an early rising. If you have to strain yourself to the maximum to get off bed, sleep for another hour or two to regain the balance and feel alive again.
  3. Avoid music being your background. They say there are people who can study effectively even if there is Rammstein yelling in their headphones, but it is a big distractor for the most part. If you can’t live without a good piece and need some background sound, you can choose from classics and jazz.
  4. Find a study group that is preparing for the same exam. You can browse student communities online or search on your campus noticeboards. This is a great way to ace the divide and conquer tactics while making friends and socializing at the same time! Share information and try to explain the most complicated parts to one another in order to memorize them better.
  5. There is something that is worse than a deadline, and that is not being able to make it. There are two ways of fixing the problem. You can either buy assignment online, if you have a writing task going on, or stop procrastinating immediately. Remember that your teacher is going to be furious if you miss the deadline and you are going to work superhard to make amends and get to the A list again, so it’s better you set your priorities.
  6. Instead of dealing with one subject at a time, you should divide your attention between a few related ones, or you will find yourself in a situation when you have to read the same paragraph twice and still not understand a single bit. You can also motivate yourself with a break. Students usually study faster if they know there is something pleasant ahead, like a 10-minute pause.
  7. Sometimes, you can’t stay focused if you are not getting enough sleep. So if you feel the lack of concentration, it’s probably because you’ve been awake for the nearest 24 hours.
  8. Attend classes and engage in conversations. You know that your preparation starts when you are reviewing exam questions. You may even get similar ones so pay attention to what your teacher says and stop screwing around! You can use the notes you made at home to complete your answer in case you can’t stay focused all the time.